RGS ProRich

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RGS PRO RICH CATTLE FEED is enriched with Bypass Protein and Fat ration mixture of various concentrate feed ingredients in suitable proportion.


  • Milk Productivity increases to 5-10% from the present yield
  • It increases FAT and  SNF in Milk
  • Somatic cell counts will be reduced in the Milk
  • Our feeds will prevent the animal from Mastitis and Ketosis
  • Bio-available Rumen-specific minerals, Probiotics, Enzymes, and Indian Tradition herbals are included.
  • Total digestible nutrients (T.D.N) is more than 60%
  • Included Ayurveda supplements improve appetite and Increase Milk Production

Product Dosage:

For 1 Ltr Milk- 400 Gms Feed and

For Body Maintenance-  1.5 Kgs Feed – Per Day / Per Animal.

Give Green Fodders in the required quantity

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