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RICH YEAST is a Unique Combination of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae with Propionibacterium Freudenreichii.

Uniqueness of RICH YEAST

  • RICH YEAST has a beneficial action on both rumen & intestines.
  • RICH YEAST helps to ferment glucose, sucrose, and pentoses as well as lactate, malate, glycerol, and other substitutes to propionic acid.
  • RICH YEAST Improves milk yield without reducing the butterfat percentage.
  • RICH YEAST Increases Dry Matter Digestibility.
  • RICH YEAST Helps the Dairy Cow/Buffalo to Meet Maximum Protein & Energy Requirement.

Feeding Recommendations

Large Animals Yielding:

Up to   10 Liters of Milk: 15 g / Day

Above 10 Liters of Milk: 20 g / Day

Available Package:   500 Gms Pack & Jar

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