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  • Herbocal Tabs is with elemental calcium, Vitamins, Minerals, and herbals.
  • Herbs like Jatamansi, Shatavari, Piper Longam, Klongi, Vitharikanth help the poultry broiler owner to reduces the feed.
  • Conversion ratio and increase the weight up to a minimum of 2 kgs of the broiler chick at the 40th day and also increase the immunity of the bird.
  • Herbocal tabs help the goat farmer to increase the weight of the goat in 30 days.
  • HerboCal tabs fulfill the calcium deficiency in lactating animals.

Uniqueness of HERBATAB’S

  • Contains multiple sources of calcium for optimal absorption.
  • Provides sustained release of calcium.
  • Enhances milk production and fat content due to herbs with galactagogue properties

Feeding Instruction:

  • Add 4 tablets in 1 Ltr Water to make 1 Ltr Calcium Tonic
  • For Cow: 100 ml / Day
  • For Calf: 50 ml / Day
  • For Goat & Sheep: 20ml / day
  • Poultry: 2-5 ml/Day

Available Package:
1 Tube contains 16 Tablets

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