Chola Carb

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Power Food for your Cattle

  • Chola carb is a pellet-type feed made from 100% corns and special enzymes for cattle.
  • Chola carb is specially formulated by our animal nutritionist to give your cattle the much-needed strength, weight gain, and catalyst for higher milk yield!
  • Chola carb is a rich source of carbohydrates and protein for your cattle that also enhances the Cattle’s resistance to diseases!!!

Chola Carb Advantages:

  1. High Energy
  2. Better Digestibility
  3. Selected good maize quality which is free from fungus and microbes
  4. High In starch
  5. Rich in Vitamins

Product Dosage

300gms of Chola carb along with 200 Gms Milk up or other Feed – Per Day/Per Animal

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